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You expect your kite to be imperceptible while you’re carving bottom turns into a thunderous wave; to offer maximum de-power and reactive turn for extra-smooth foil jibes and to relaunch effortlessly, even in the lightest winds?

We’ve created the perfect travel companion, that will watch over you in all conditions: the GIN ANGEL.

The ANGEL is a mono-strut kite characterised by its accessibility, safety and freeride proficiency: no matter if on a foil, surfboard or twintip, you will love the performance of this kite! It drifts fluidly, is bafflingly stable and offers a reactive and precise turn, without ever creating overpower. It has an enormous high end, a maximum depower and a no-sweat relaunch, even in light winds.

The construction of the ANGEL is light without compromising on the GIN construction standards, which makes it a super solid kite for all purposes and riders of all levels. Its shape was specifically tailored to the small (3 and 5m) and large sizes (7 – 15m) to achieve exceptional performance in both light and strong wind conditions.

The ANGEL benefits from the GIN KITEBOARDING construction, well known for its Swiss quality and the extreme solidity:

  • Mono-strut shape for light weight

  • Minimal print on the kite for a clean style and reduced weight

  • Canopy with the « Double Ripstop by Teijin T9670 » material with the excellent and durable new coating which offers the ideal level of resistance against cuts and above all against wear

  • Optimized size of reinforcements for a light construction

  • Developed for the GIN & TONIC v3 bar. The GIN & TONIC v3 bar is equipped with 4 lines of 20+4m length (front 600 kg / back 300kg resistance). Highest quality lines made in Europe by Braidtech, The Netherlands. The GIN&TONIC v3 bar is certified by European standards (AFNOR)

  • And many little details that make the difference!



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